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Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.50.0 Release Notes

Released March 27, 2023

Highlights in This Release

High Availability Deployment Options PRO

Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro customers can now achieve high availability using one of our high availability deployment options with Amazon Web Services, Azure, Kubernetes, or manual setup. High Availability comes with some additional system requirements and considerations, so be sure to check out our help documentation on this exciting new feature.

Conan Revisions Support for Hosted Repositories PRO

Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro now supports Conan revisions for hosted repositories when using an H2 or PostgreSQL database (revisions are not supported on OrientDB). If you are unfamiliar with Conan revisions, this feature allows you to make changes to your artifacts while maintaining a single Conan reference. Take a look at Conan’s documentation for detailed information about revisions. Also read our Conan format help documentation for full details and requirements.

Upgrade Impact

We know that Sonatype Nexus Repository is essential to your business, which is why we created multiple resilient deployment options that provide dynamic failover support to reduce downtime and data loss. These deployment options meet most of our customer's needs; however, we know that some enterprises need their deployments to achieve high availability (HA).

This release introduces a new active-active deployment pattern to accomplish a highly available Sonatype Nexus Repository deployment.


HA is designed to protect against the following scenarios:

  • An Availability Zone (AZ) outage within a single region

  • A virtual machine/bare metal/EC2 instance failure

  • A Nexus Repository instance failure

As such, HA is an appropriate solution for mission-critical Nexus Repository deployments that require continuous operations or uptime for an extended period and can help such instances scale for load.

It also provides the following necessary functionality to highly scalable Nexus Repository deployments that must meet varying loads:

  • Manually scale repository instances

  • Auto scale instances in Amazon Web Services (AWS)/Azure

  • Deploy in Kubernetes to facilitate scaling instances up and down without having to shut down Nexus Repository

Multiple Deployment Options

Our HA deployment options are designed to work with technologies from some of the market's most widely used and reliable vendors. While Sonatype's expertise is in AWS, we've provided documentation for all of the following deployment options:

Deployment Option

Helm Chart Available?

Sample YAMLs Available?






Azure AKS





On-Premises Kubernetes





Manual (Cloud or On-Premises)





In the interest of full transparency and to help you evaluate whether HA is right for your organization, we're doing something we've never done before: providing you with detailed performance information from our internal performance testing. Note that the scope of this summary is limited to how our HA solution performed in an AWS environment (our area of expertise). Check out the Sonatype Nexus Repository High Availability Performance Data Using AWS for full details.

HA is not appropriate for all deployments. Consider the following when planning your HA deployment:

  • Containerized and cloud HA deployments require using several advanced technologies (e.g., Kubernetes, cloud technologies) outside the Sonatype Suite's scope. You should ensure that you have in-house expertise in these technologies before attempting an HA deployment.

  • HA requires additional infrastructure and maintenance overhead (See Sonatype Nexus Repository High Availability Performance Data Using AWS). Deploying HA without a strong need or use case may not yield your desired return on investment.

  • Sonatype Nexus Repository High Availability deployments should be fully deployed and tested in a development environment before attempting to deploy in production. Improper deployment in a production environment can result in critical data loss.

Check out our comprehensive HA deployment documentation as well as the additional system requirements for HA deployments for complete information.

Support for Conan Revisions PRO

Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro now supports Conan's revisions feature for hosted repositories when using a PostgreSQL or H2 database (OrientDB does not support revisions). Revisions allow you to make changes to your artifacts while maintaining a single Conan reference. You can now leverage Conan's revisions feature to achieve package immutability while maintaining the benefits of managing your repositories with Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro. See our supported Conan features documentation as well as the Conan documentation for detailed information about the revisions feature.

As part of our support for Conan revisions, you can now search by Package ID, Package Revision, or Recipe Revision when searching for Conan components.

  • Hosted repositories only

  • Must be using H2 or PostgreSQL database

  • You must add the Conan Bearer Token Realm in Nexus Repository (See our Realms documentation).

  • You must explicitly enable revisions for Conan as detailed in the Conan documentation.

Bug Fixes



Users who sign out of Sonatype Nexus Repository instances will be redirected to the default/welcome page as expected and will not see an authentication prompt.


Resolved an issue that was causing confusion regarding sometimes receiving unexpected 401 responses when auto-blocking for proxy repositories is disabled.


INFO-level log messages do not mistakenly appear as ERROR or WARN.


Users are able to unassign routing rules for a repository via the Sonatype Nexus Repository UI as expected.


Improved error messaging to explain that staging moves are not supported for hosted repositories that are configured as writable members for a Docker group repository. See the Staging help topic for more information about this limitation.


Added additional validation to prevent users from creating blobstores with invalid names. Blobstore names cannot contain spaces, special characters, or path separators (e.g., forward or back slashes).


Conan searches via the command line work as expected.


Improved UI for managing group blobstores.


You can now upload Conan packages that are the same but with different configurations (e.g., different platform, different build settings/options) to hosted Conan repositories with redeploys disabled.


Disabled form fields will not show as required.