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Logging for HA

Running the IQ Server HA helm chart will configure your High Availability (HA) installation to generate aggregated log files using Fluentd. These files are combined from each pod running IQ Server.

The aggregated log files are in ndjson format and located in the shared file system in the /log directory. You can use the aggregated log files for a support request. By default, they will be included while generating a support zip inside a top-level cluster_log directory.


Refer to the IQ Server Helm Chart (under the section "Logging") for detailed instructions on customizing the log retention periods and other fluentd deaemonset aggregator settings.

Each pod running IQ Server is pre-configured to generate:

  • Application log

  • Request log

  • Audit log

  • Policy violation log

  • Stderr log

Refer to Configuring Logging for more details.