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Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.67.0 - 3.67.1 Release Notes

3.67.1 Released April 10, 2024

3.67.0 Released April 2, 2024

Highlights in This Release


Critical Bug Fix (3.67.1)

Release 3.67.1 fixes two bugs found in the 3.67.0 release: One impacting those who upgraded to 3.67.0 and then modified any previously existing Docker or Maven cleanup policies that were configured to retain select recent versions, and one preventing Docker subdomain routing from functioning.

Java 11 Support (3.67.0)

Sonatype Nexus Repository administrators can now choose to have their Nexus Repository deployments use Java 8 or Java 11.

Dependency Changes (3.67.0)

This release includes dependency changes, including updating our Groovy dependency from 2.4.17 to 3.0.19.


Notice of Upcoming High Availability Clustering (HA-C) Sunset Date

As stated in our Sonatype Nexus Repository 3 Feature Status documentation , our legacy HA-C feature will be sunset on April 17, 2024. To this end, we will remove all HA-C functionality in our May release. If you are still using HA-C, you should follow our documentation to migrate to our new High Availability deployment solution.

Critical Bug Fixes (Nexus Repository 3.67.1)

Release 3.67.1 fixes two bugs that impacted release 3.67.0.

Cleanup Policy Bug Fix

Nexus Repository 3.67.1 fixes a cleanup policy bug that impacted those who meet the all of following criteria:

  • Upgraded to Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.67.0.

  • Had previously defined cleanup policies for Docker or Maven formats that included configuration for retaining a defined number of recent versions (a PostgreSQL-only feature introduced in release 3.65.0).

  • Modified and saved one of these existing cleanup policies via the Nexus Repository UI after upgrading to 3.67.0.

If you meet the above criteria, upon saving the revised cleanup policy, the configuration for retaining recent versions would have been removed from the cleanup policy and will not be automatically reinstated upon upgrading to 3.67.1. This could cause Nexus Repository to delete component versions that you intended to retain.

After upgrading to 3.67.1, review Docker and Maven cleanup criteria for accuracy.

Docker Subdomain Routing Bug Fix

Nexus Repository 3.67.1 fixes a bug that prevented our Docker subdomain routing feature from functioning.

Java 11 Support (Nexus Repository 3.67.0)

Sonatype Nexus Repository operators can now choose to run their Nexus Repository deployment on Java 8 or Java 11. This new choice helps organizations that are seeking to move off of Java 8. Our performance testing with both runtimes shows no measurable differences in application performance.

We have provided Nexus Repository 3.67.0 binaries: one with JRE 8 and one with JRE 11. When using the Docker image, the following pulls will provide a Docker image with a Java 8 or Java 11 runtime:

  • Java 8

    • sonatype/nexus3:latest

    • sonatype/nexus3:3.67.0

    • sonatype/nexus3:3.67.0-java8

  • Java 11

    • sonatype/nexus3:3.67.0-java11

Dependency Updates (Nexus Repository 3.67.0)

  • Updated Groovy dependency from 2.4.17 to 3.0.19

  • Updated PostgreSQL database driver from 42.6.0 to 42.7.2

Bug Fixes in Nexus Repository 3.67.0

Issue ID



Database Migrator: Fixed an issue that was causing some migrations to a PostgreSQL or H2 database to fail due to incorrect asset_blob_id values when assets only differed by a version number in their paths.


Resolved an issue that was causing expensive queries from getComponentCount.


Resolved an issue that was causing an internal task to throw an error when running in some large deployments.


Support zips from deployments using PostgreSQL that was configured using system properties now display information as expected.


Added logging for routing rule blocked requests done via group repository.


Added an error message to the UI that displays when a user without the correct privileges attempts to save a content selector.


The “security/users/<userid>/<realmid>/user-token-reset REST API will now provide a 400 error if the realm passed is invalid.

The users REST API can accept the following realm names associated with user tokens: LdapRealm, Crowd, SamlRealm, and NexusAuthenticatingRealm.


Selecting the Analyze Application button in component details now displays the expected form.