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Migrating to an HA Deployment from a Legacy HA-C or a Resilient Deployment


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Due to its complexity, HA is not appropriate for many deployments.

  • Containerized and cloud HA deployments require using several advanced technologies (e.g., Kubernetes, cloud technologies) outside the Sonatype Suite's scope. You should ensure that you have in-house expertise in these technologies before attempting an HA deployment.

  • HA requires additional infrastructure and maintenance overhead (See Sonatype Nexus Repository High Availability Performance Data Using AWS). Deploying HA without a strong need or use case may not yield your desired return on investment.

  • Sonatype Nexus Repository High Availability deployments should be fully deployed and tested in a development environment before attempting to deploy in production. Improper deployment in a production environment can result in critical data loss.

Migrating from Legacy High Availability Clustering (HA-C)

The HA deployment options described in this section are meant to replace our legacy HA-C option.High Availability Clustering (Legacy)

HA-C required OrientDB while our current HA options require PostgreSQL. Therefore, if you are looking to migrate to our current HA option, you must first follow the instructions for migrating to a PostgreSQL database.

After moving to PostgreSQL and migrating your data, you must set the HA-C property nexus.clustered to false in the $data-dir/sonatype-work/nexus3/etc/ (You will enable a different HA property when deploying HA.)

You can now proceed to the Prerequisite Step: Adjust max_connections and then set up an HA deployment using your preferred deployment option:

Migrating from a Resilient Deployment Architecture

If you are already using one of our resilient deployment options in AWS, Azure, or on-premises and wish to move to an HA deployment, you will need to do the following:

  1. Provision your desired number of Nexus Repository instances.

  2. Shut down your existing resilient Nexus Repository instance.

  3. Uninstall the resiliency helm chart if you used this to set up your resilient deployment in AWS.

  4. Complete the Prerequisite Step: Adjust max_connections.

  5. Follow the instructions for setting up an HA deployment using your preferred deployment option: