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Scaling with Proxies

Scaling with proxies

Much of the load that Sonatype Nexus Repository must bear comes from reads rather than writes. Scaling with proxy nodes allows you to take read load off of a primary Sonatype Nexus Repository instance (node) by using proxy nodes with a load balancer to split read traffic.

The proxy nodes are identical to the primary node and don't need to share any state. However, if you make a repository on your primary node, you will need to make a corresponding proxy in the proxy layer.

Combines With

Problems Addressed

  • Reduces read load on primary Sonatype Nexus Repository instance (node)


  • Resilient network connectivity between the primary and proxy nodes

  • Common DNS name can ensure low-network latency

Factors to Consider

  • Must maintain corresponding repository structures between primary and proxy nodes

Available Resources

The following help topics may be helpful when implementing this pattern: