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Accessing Packages in Repositories and Groups

You can access the repository group or individual repositories with the nuget tool on the command line by adding the URL to your nuget sources e.g.:

nuget sources add -name nuget-group -source http://localhost:8081/repository/nuget-group/

After this source was added, you can list the available packages with the command nuget list. It is worth noting, that by default is listed as a source. If you don't disable or remove it, you will continue to fetch packages from your nuget commands regardless of changes made to your group.

Access to the packages is not restricted by default. If access restrictions are desired, you can configure security directly or via LDAP/Active Directory external role mappings combined with repository targets for fine grained control. Authentication from NuGet is then handled via NuGet API keys as documented in Deploying Packages to NuGet Hosted Repositories.