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NuGet Group Repositories in Nexus Repository 2

Nexus Repository 2

A repository group is the recommended way to expose all your NuGet repositories to your users, without needing any further client side configuration. A repository group allows you to expose the aggregated content of multiple proxy and hosted repositories with one URL to your tools. This is possible for NuGet repositories by creating a new Repository Group with the Provider set to NuGet as documented in Managing Repository Groups.

A typical, useful example would be to group the proxy repository that proxies the NuGet Gallery, a NuGet, hosted repository with internal software packages and another NuGet, hosted repository with third-party packages. The configuration for such a setup is displayed in Figure 15.6, “A Public NuGet Group Combining a Proxy and Two Hosted Repositories”.


Figure 15.6. A Public NuGet Group Combining a Proxy and Two Hosted Repositories

Using the Repository Path of the repository group as your NuGet repository URL in your client tool will give you access to the packages in all three repositories with one URL. Any new packages added as well as any new repositories added to the group will automatically be available.