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Application Versions

Manage access to the application and view the SBOMs imported for the application. A separate SBOM is saved for each version of your application.

  • Import new SBOM versions for your application

  • View a summary of risk for each version of your application

  • Selecting a version of your SBOM opens the Bill of Material view


Import SBOMs

Import SBOMs manually by selecting the Import SBOMs button or automatically using the REST API.

  1. After selecting Import SBOM, select the Choose File button and navigate to the SBOM file

  2. Valid SBOMs are analyzed and the version ID is extracted from the file

  3. Select the Finish Import button to start the analysis.

    The SBOM will take a few minutes before showing up on the display.

  4. Once the analysis has finished, select the version to open the bill of material view

Supported schema versions for importing

This table lists the supported versions for importing SBOMs.


Schema Versions

CycloneDx (XML)

1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

CycloneDx (JSON)

1.4, 1.5