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Upgrading Your Sonatype Nexus Repository Java Version

This section covers upgrading the Java version that your Sonatype Nexus Repository instance is using. Before proceeding, make sure you understand which Sonatype Nexus Repository versions are compatible with available Java versions as outlined in the table below:

Supported Java Version

Sonatype Versions Supporting This Java Version

Java 8

  • Supported for all currently released versions

  • Required for versions up to and including 3.66.0

Java 11

  • 3.67.0 and above

Java 17

  • 3.69.0 and above

  • Not supported in OrientDB environments

Steps For All Java Version Upgrade Methods

Before upgrading your Java version using any of the following methods, take the following prerequisite steps:

  1. Ensure no active Tasks are running in your Sonatype Nexus Repository instance.

  2. Stop your Sonatype Nexus Repository instance.

  3. Proceed to your relevant Java version upgrade method below and complete the required steps detailed in that section.

  4. Follow your typical Sonatype Nexus Repository version upgrade process.

Upgrading Your Java Version When Using Docker

If you are using Docker to install Sonatype Nexus Repository, use the desired Java 11 or 17 tag (e.g., <nexus-repository-version>-java11 or <nexus-repository-version>-java17) to upgrade your Java version (See available Nexus Repository tags in Docker Hub).

Upgrading Your Java Version Using the Nexus Repository Helm Chart

If you are using the Sonatype Nexus Repository HA/Resiliency Helm chart, update container.image.nexusTag in your values.yaml to use the Java 11 or 17 tag (e.g., <nexus-repository-version>-java11 or <nexus-repository-version>-java17) (See available Nexus Repository tags in Docker Hub).

Upgrading Your Java Version Using the Distribution Archive

If you are installing and running Sonatype Nexus Repository using the Distribution Archive, download the Sonatype Nexus Repository archive with the appropriate Java version from our Downloads page.

Note that for MacOS and Windows, the Java SDK is bundled with the software distribution; no additional Java installation is required for these operating systems.

For Unix-based systems, ensure that the appropriate version of Java is installed on your Unix-based OS before using the corresponding Sonatype Nexus Repository distribution.