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Migrating from Legacy HA-C to a Single Instance

We recommend that deployments using legacy HA-C consider one of our new High Availability (HA) deployment options; however, if you do not wish to move to an HA deployment, you can use the steps below to remove the legacy HA-C capability and revert to a single instance.


Before attempting to migrate from HA-C, ensure that you take a full backup of your system in case you run into any problems. See our Backup and Restore documentation for details.

To move from HA-C to a single instance, complete the following steps:

  1. Stop all Sonatype Nexus Repository instances.

  2. Remove all but one of your Sonatype Nexus Repository HA-C nodes.

  3. WIthin your $data-dir directory, locate and edit the etc/ file.

  4. Remove the nexus.clustered line from the file.

  5. Start the remaining Sonatype Nexus Repository instance and ensure it is functioning as expected.

  6. Upgrade to the latest release following instructions in Upgrading a Standalone Instance.