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Accessing the User Interface

Once the repository manager is started, the application is listening on the configured IP address range and port. By default any IP address and port 8081 are used. To access the web application user interface, fire up a web browser and type in the URL http://<server_host>:<port> (e.g.,http://localhost:8081/).

While the documentation uses localhost throughout, you may need to use the IP Loopback Address of, the IP address or the DNS hostname assigned to the machine running the repository manager. The user interface shows the features available to an anonymous user. The repository manager installation includes an administrative user with full access. Its username is admin and the initial password can be found in an admin.password file in the $data-dir directory. You can sign in with the button on the top right corner of the user interface.

Next steps after successfully accessing the user interface are detailed in Using Nexus Repository, Nexus Repository Administration, and setting up whatever Formats you will use.

More information about security related topics can be found in Access Control.