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Creating or Deleting Repositories in Nexus Repository

To create a new repository in Sonatype Nexus Repository, you must have at least repository-level add privileges (e.g., nx-repository-admin-*-*-add). However, you will also need read privileges (e.g., nx-repository-admin-*-*-read) to be able to see any repository you've created, edit to be able to edit any saved repositories, and delete to be able to delete them. Therefore, it's typical to give any role that you would like to manage repositories either the global repository admin privilege (nx-repository-admin-*-*-*) or format-level repository admin privileges (e.g., nx-repository-admin-nuget-nuget-hosted-* for NuGet repositories).

To create a new repository, take the following steps:

View for managing repositories includes repo size and Firewall summary
  1. Navigate to Administration (cog icon)RepositoryRepositories.

  2. Select the Create repository button.

  3. Select the Recipe (format and repository type) for the new repository (e.g., npm (hosted)).

  4. In the form that appears, complete the required fields as well as any additional configurations you wish to add for creating your repository. Available configurations differ by repository format and type. Details about these configurations are outlined in the Configurable Repository Fields help topic.

  5. Select Create repository.

Once you have created a repository or repository group, it is available in the repositories list for further configuration and management. Selecting a specific row allows you to navigate to that repository's administration section.


To delete an existing repository, select the Delete repository button. This will delete the repository and all related configuration and components after confirming the operation in a dialog.