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Hosted Repository for Docker (Private Registry for Docker)

A hosted repository using the Docker repository format is typically called a private Docker registry. It can be used to upload your own container images as well as third-party images. It is common practice to create two separate hosted repositories for these purposes.

To create a Docker hosted repository, simply create a new docker (hosted) repository as documented in Repository Management.

Minimal configuration steps are:

  • Define Name

  • Select Blob store for Storage

If you add a Repository Connectors configuration as documented in SSL and Repository Connector Configuration, you can push images to this repository, and subsequently access them directly from the hosted repository or ideally from the Docker repository group as documented in Grouping Docker Repositories.

Deployment Policy

Docker repositories support all the regular options for hosted repository deployment policies.

An additional configuration option named Allow redeploy only on 'latest' tag appears when the Deployment Policy is set to Disable redeploy.


When enabled this allows pushing a new docker 'latest' tag for an existing image of the same name.