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Resetting a Nexus Repository 2 to 3 Upgrade

If you need to restart a Nexus Repository 2 to 3 upgrade for any reason, you will need to reset the upgrade and start it over from the beginning.

1. To end the upgrade process explicitly, use the Abort button in the upgrade wizard in Nexus Repository 3 if available.


Complete all remaining steps regardless of whether or not you are able to use the Abort button.

2. Shut down Nexus Repository 3

3. Remove the entire Nexus Repository 3 data directory (i.e., $data-dir directory). If needed, see our support article on how to determine your Nexus Repository 3's data directory location.

4. Shut down Nexus Repository 2.


If your Nexus Repository 2 instance is a production instance, a brief production outage will be required.

5. Remove the entire Nexus Repository 2 directory at $work-dir/db/migrationagent.

6. Restart Nexus Repository 2.

7. In Nexus Repository 2, go to AdministrationCapabilities.

8. Select the Upgrade: Agent capability; then, select the Delete button to remove the capability.


This step will remove any internal RepositoryMigrationTask scheduled tasks that pertain to repository upgrade. These tasks will not be visible in the Scheduled Tasks view to an administrator, so this is the only way to remove these if they remain.

You can now start a new upgrade when ready by re-configuring the upgrade capabilities.