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Advanced Sonatype Nexus Repository 2 to 3 Upgrade Wizard Configuration Options

Configure Timing for Building Search Indexes and Browse Views

By default, Repair - Rebuild repository browseand Repair - Rebuild repository searchtasks run automatically after an upgrade completes in order to build search indexes and browse nodes. This is the suggested method appropriate for most customers as it ensures that Search operations and related REST APIs will be up and running once upgrade completes. If you use this default method, you can skip these steps.

Depending on the amount of content to index, building search indexes and browse views can take hours, and migration will not be complete until it is done. If having search indexes for content working immediately after migration ends is not something you consider critical for completing migration, then you can modify this behavior via the <data-dir>/etc/ file and build the search indexes asynchronously to the migration process instead:

  • If you set, Sonatype Nexus Repository will build the search indexes during the final upgrade step; the upgrade will not complete until this step is accomplished, and no task will launch.

  • If you set nexus.migration.browse.buildDuringMigration=true,Sonatype Nexus Repository will build the browse nodes during content upgrade and will not launch the task at completion.

Enabling the Continue Button for an Incomplete Migration


You should only use this option when Sonatype Support advises you to do so.

On the migration utility's second to last step, Sonatype Nexus Repository 3 pulls across any changes from Sonatype Nexus Repository 2; once it determines that there are no more changes coming, it enables the Continue button so that you can gracefully finish migration. However, in some cases, the migration utility may fail to enable the Continue button; if you select the Abort button, all migrated content will be lost. Therefore, we have created a way to force migration to continue even though it's possible that some content may not have been migrated to Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.

In the event where Sonatype Support advises you to enable the ability to continue through the migration wizard without completing a full migration, you will need to configure the following property in $data-dir/sonatype-work/nexus3/etc/


After setting this property to "true" and restarting Sonatype Nexus Repository, the Upgrade wizard will allow you to proceed past the Sync phase (step 8 of 9) to finish the upgrade process at any point, regardless of where you are in the process of pulling content from Sonatype Nexus Repository 2.