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Nexus Suite Integration

Bring open-source policy management and Sonatype component intelligence to Nexus Repository Manager Pro.

Feature Matrix



Integration with IQ Server

Nexus Repository Pro License

Audit and Quarantine

Firewall License

Component Intelligence

Lifecycle License

Integration with IQ Server

The Sonatype IQ Server is the open-source governance and policy management tool used to provide compliance metadata to open-source components stored in the Nexus Repository.

Connecting IQ Server

Audit and Quarantine

Repository Firewall is a solution that prevents risky components from entering your software supply chain. When new components are downloaded, Repository Firewall compares every new component against a set of organization-defined policies. Any component or dependency that violates one of these policies is quarantined in your repository.

Learn more in the Firewall documentation

Component Intelligence

The component info view is a visualization of the available versions of a component and any associated risk aligning with your governance policies.All component information for a particular version will be highlighted, with the specific version number at the bottom. In addition, the details for that version of the component will display in the right-hand list of properties.

Learn more in the Lifecycle documentation