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Replication Troubleshooting (Legacy)


Only available in Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro. Interested in a free trial? Start here.


In release 3.48.0, we introduced Content Replication, which removes Replicator and makes replication easier to set up and deploy. This documentation remains available for current implementations only. We do not recommend implementing this version of replication as we will be completely removing it once the new replication design is available.


Replication is not appropriate for disaster recovery. If you need a disaster recovery solution, please see our resilient deployment options and backup and restore procedures.

Replication loggers provide additional log statements that can be useful for debugging. Complete these steps on both the source and target Nexus Repository instances to see additional replication logs.

  1. Navigate toAdministration>Support>Logging.

  2. Select theCreate Loggerbutton.

  3. Enter "" under Logger Name.

  4. Select the DEBUG Logger Level.

  5. Select Save.

You can use the log viewer to observe any debug information logged by the logging object.

Files to investigate for troubleshooting include the following:

  • The nexus.log files on both the source and target Nexus Repository instances

    • Located in $data-dir/log/nexus.log

  • The replicator.log file from the CLI app

    • Located in a logs subdirectory next to where you are running the Replicator CLI

    • Retains up to 30 days worth of logs

    • Contains all rsync and AWS CLI logging