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Switching from Classic Firewall

As support for Classic Firewall is entering extended maintenance, users will need to switch to the Next-Gen Repository Firewall to take advantage of the new capabilities. This guide walks you through the steps needed to get up and running.

Installing the Next-Gen Firewall License

  1. Install the Next-Gen Firewall license.

  2. In IQ Server UI, you will see a new tab named ‘Firewall’ on the left navigation menu.

  3. Review details on Next-Gen Firewall features for a complete list of capabilities.

  4. We recommend that you back up your instance before adding new policies.

Enable Next-Gen Firewall features

These policies will need to be added to benefit from Next-Gen Firewall features

Configure policy-compliant component selection

  1. To configure the policy-compliant component selection, please follow the instructions outlined in the Policy-Compliant Component Selection.

  2. It is recommended to be turned on for npm and PyPI proxy repos.

  3. Complete the Firewall Guided Setup to turn on the capability for repositories automatically.