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Repository Managers overview

The top-level list of the repository managers configured with Repository Firewall. Repository Managers are added with a unique identifier when they connect to the Firewall service.

See the Repository Firewall Guided Setup for details on connecting a repository manager.

From this view, repository managers are administered at a high level.

  • Set Firewall policies, results access control, and quarantine for proxy repositories

  • Configure namespace protection for hosted repositories

Navigate to the overview
  1. Select Orgs and Policies from the left navigation

  2. Select Repository Managers from the organization navigator


List of the connected repository managers with their repositories in a nested table. The filters are used to limit the list displayed. Selecting a proxy repository will open the Repository Results view for that proxy.

Repositories are removed using the trashcan icon. This action does not delete the repository from the repository manager.


Policies are inherited from the root organization. Policy actions may be overridden for repository managers for policies enabled at the root organization.

Firewall policies may be added for all repository managers at this level. These policies would not be scoped to organizations or applications.

Namespace Confusion Protection

List of namespaces protected for all repositories. See Namespace Confusion Protection


Access control for who may view repository results and manage the Firewall configuration.