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Sonatype Lifecycle's integrations enable Shift-Left application security for development teams. Regardless of which integration you want to begin with, you'll need to be sure you have appropriate permissions for Lifecycle and the target tool to make the necessary configuration changes. This may require you to reach out to a member of your Operations team.

Many of our integrations are downloadable and activated through official distribution sites or plugin managers, like or They require some familiarity with the host tool/platform. When activating these plugins, always be sure you're selecting the latest official Sonatype plugin.

We recommend reviewing your tool/platform's configuration before getting started.

Integrations Available

The table below provides a snapshot of our integration plugins.

Host tool/platform

Plugins supported


Lifecycle for IDEA provides component analysis for both the Community and Ultimate edition of IntelliJ IDEA.


Lifecycle for Eclipse plugin lets you perform component analysis, inspect component details, and fix issues all from your IDE.

Visual Studio 2019

Lifecycle for Visual Studio provides component analysis for both the Community, Professional, and Enterprise versions of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 2022

Lifecycle for Visual Studio 2022 extension is next line of native integrations for Visual Studio with improved filtering, workflow, and design.

Nexus Repository 2

Lifecycle for Nexus Repository 2 allows you to integrate Lifecycle’s policy management and component intelligence features with proxy repositories in Nexus Repository 2 Pro.

Nexus Repository 3

Lifecycle for Nexus Repository 3 allows you to integrate Lifecycle’s policy management and component intelligence features with proxy repositories in Nexus Repository 3 Pro.


Lifecycle for Bamboo analyzes the components used in your software development for security and license characteristics.

Jenkins 2.x

Lifecycle for Jenkins 2.x plugin provides full component intelligence and the ability to run policy against your application.

Azure DevOps

Lifecycle for Azure DevOps evaluates pipeline builds for all supported component types and presents policy results and widgets within Azure DevOps.

Source Control Monitoring (SCM)

Lifecycle for SCM allows for early insight into code changes by working in tandem with continuous integration to push policy information about an application’s components directly into the SCM.


Lifecycle for CLI to evaluate any application against your policies using the command line interface.

Atlassian Jira

Lifecycle for Jira automatically creates Jira project issues when Lifecycle policies are violated.

Fortify SSC

Lifecyle integration with SSC integrates policy evaluation results from Lifecycle into Fortify SSC.


Sonatype CLM for Maven lets you evaluate any Maven-based software projects in the same way as our integrated tools providing access to the same robust reporting features no matter what toolset you use. It can be run on a command line interface and executed on any continuous integration server, as well as several popular IDEs.