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Managing Users in Nexus Repository 2

Nexus Repository 2

Nexus Repository Manager Pro and Nexus Repository Manager OSS ships with three users: admin, anonymous, and deployment. The admin user has all privileges, the anonymous user has read-only privileges, and the deployment user can both read and deploy to repositories. If you need to create users with a more focused set of permissions, you can click on Users under Security in the left-hand main menu. Once you see the list of users, you can click on a user to edit that specific user’s First Name, Last Name and Email. Editing a users Status allows you to activate or disable a user altogether. You can also assign or revoke specific roles for a particular user.


Figure 6.35. Managing Users

Clicking the Add button in the Role Management section will bring up the list of available roles in a pop-up window visible in Figure 6.36, “Adding Roles to a User”. It allows you filter and search for roles and add one or multiple roles to the user.


Figure 6.36. Adding Roles to a User

A user can be assigned one or more roles that in turn can include references to other roles or to individual privileges. To view a tree of assigned roles and privileges, select the Role Tree for a particular user as shown in Figure 6.37, “User Role Tree”.


Figure 6.37. User Role Tree

If you need to find out exactly how a particular user has been granted a particular privilege, you can use the Privilege Trace panel as shown in Figure 6.38, “User Privilege Trace”. The Privilege Trace panel lists all of the privileges that have been granted to a particular user in the Privileges section. Clicking on a privilege loads a tree of roles that grant that particular privilege to a user. If a user has been assigned a specific privilege by more than one Role or Privilege assignment, you will be able to see this reflected in the Role Containment list.


Figure 6.38. User Privilege Trace

Additional plugins can contribute further panels for the security configuration of a user. An example of an additional panel is the User Token panel, added by the User Token feature of Nexus Repository Manager Pro as documented in Security Setup with User Tokens.