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Advanced Configuration for Nexus Repository 2

Nexus Repository 2

Typically smart proxy is configured in the dedicated user interfaces provided and described in earlier sections. More fine grained and advanced configuration is exposed in the capabilities administration documented in Accessing and Configuring Capabilities.

Specifically the following capabilities for the core smart proxy features are automatically created and maintained:

Smart Proxy: Identity

Provides the unique identity for the repository manager

Smart Proxy: Messaging

Provides the core messaging facilities for smart proxy

Smart Proxy: Trust

Configures a trust relationship with a remote node

Smart Proxy: Secure Connector

Secures the connection using identity and trust

In addition you can find one smart proxy capability for each repository configured to be publish or subscribe updates with Smart Proxy.

Smart Proxy: Publish

Configures publishing updates to a specific repository via smart proxy

Smart Proxy: Subscribe

Configures subscribing to updates for a specific proxy repository. This capability exposes the additional setting Delete in the Settings tab. If deletion is enabled, any component deletions in the publishing repository is also carried out in the subscribing repositories. The Preemptive Fetch flag allows you to enable a download of components to the susbscribing proxy repository prior to any component requests received by it. The default behaviour with preemptive fetch disabled only publishes the fact that new components are available from the publishing repository.