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Configuring Legacy URL Paths

Nexus Repository 2 uses a different URL pattern than Nexus Repository 3 to expose repositories and repository groups. Nexus Repository 3 has a capability to support the previous URL patterns to avoid breaking requests from your automation build tools and continuous integration pipelines.

The "NXRM2 style URLs" capability will need to be enabled for Nexus Repository 3 to expose these endpoints. See the Capabilities documentation for details on adding this capability.

The capability supports the following example of URL matching:

Example of URL pattern for the sample repository in Nexus Repository 2


The above pattern would be available and match the corresponding sample repository in Nexus Repository 3



The NXRM2 style URLs capability does not change REST API calls to match those from Nexus Repository 2. All scripts from Nexus Repository 2 will need to be rewritten against the new endpoints.

Review the Nexus Repository 3 REST API documentation for details on the new API.

HTML Browsing View URL Paths

Any automated tooling that uses direct repository browsing will need to be reconfigured for Nexus Repository 3 endpoints.

See Nexus Repository 3 HTML View documentation for more information on how to obtain this endpoint.