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2022 Nexus Repository 2 Release Notes

Nexus Repository 2


The notes below are a summary of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes per version release. To access the latest release, see our download page for details.

Repository Manager 2.15.1



If upgrading from a version earlier than 2.15.0, please review the release notes below as they include important upgrade information.

Request Log Not Written

This release corrects a regression introduce in 2.15.0 that prevented writing the request log.

Repository Manager 2.15.0


Repository Manager 3 Upgrade Compatibility


This release contains no new features; however, due to the nature of dependency updates included in the release, you may need to make some changes to configuration.

Upgraded to Jetty 9.4 from Jetty 8

The 2.14.x releases of Nexus were based on Jetty 8.x line, which reached End of Life a number of years ago. This release upgrades to Jetty v9.


Adminstrators who have customized their Jetty configuration will need to make changes before they can upgrade to this release. Please see our knowledgebase article for more information.

Add Ext JS Licensing Declaration to Nexus Repository 2

Added the following declaration to the Nexus Repository 2 NOTICE file and to source header files of modules including ExtJS as a to clarify the ExtJS licensing terms: "Nexus Repository OSS is distributed with Sencha Ext JS pursuant to a FLOSS Exception agreed upon between Sonatype, Inc. and Sencha Inc. Sencha Ext JS is licensed under GPL v3 and cannot be redistributed as part of a closed source work."

Upgraded Goodies Library

Upgraded goodies library from version 1.9.1 to version 1.9.2-02 to prevent a potential security vulnerability that was found and resolved in Nexus Repository 3. See CVE-2020-15870 for more details.

Fixed Performance Issue

Fixed a performance issue that was causing thread backup during license verification.