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Lifecycle and Firewall Cloud FAQs

What products are included in Sonatype’s Cloud deployment?

  • Sonatype Lifecycle and Firewall products are now available as a convenient and secure Cloud deployment.

Will customers be able to deploy Auditor or Lifecycle Foundation on the Cloud?

  • No, those products will continue to be available only as self-hosted solutions.

Are there any Lifecycle or Firewall features that will not be available as part of this offering?

  • No, these are full-blown Lifecycle and Firewall instances with all features available in our existing self-hosted products, including the features from Advanced Developer Pack (ADP) being rolled into Lifecycle.

Do I have a choice of Cloud providers?

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the provider of choice for Sonatype’s Cloud deployment. If you would prefer to host on a company's Cloud instance and/or choose a different provider, speak to your Sonatype representative about self-hosting.

Does Repository Pro connect with Sonatype Cloud if one is self-hosted and another is deployed on the Cloud?

  • While Repository Pro (and OSS) remains only available for self-hosted implementations, it can be deployed with and connected to Lifecycle and Firewall Cloud deployments.

Will I be able to connect Sonatype Cloud to our self-hosted Repository (or Artifactory) server, use their SSO, or otherwise integrate into their environment?

  • Yes, Sonatype’s Cloud-delivered Lifecycle and Firewall can connect to your infrastructure just as our self-hosted products do. Please speak with your Sonatype representative on how to connect Nexus Repository to your Cloud solution.

Does full feature parity include all APIs and tool integrations?

  • Yes. Full feature parity includes all the APIs and tool integrations if they are accessible over the public internet as this is a Cloud offering.

How can I access support? What can I expect?

  • You can contact the Sonatype Technical Support Team as part of the subscription at no additional cost. Customers that choose Sonatype’s Cloud will also have Extended Support included as part of the subscription. Extended Support provides 24x7x365 coverage for Sev-1 (production outage) issues. For more information take a look at Sonatype’s support policy

If I am already using Lifecycle/Firewall self-hosted, will I get help migrating to the Cloud?

  • Yes. Upon purchase, Sonatype assigns one of our experienced Customer Success Engineers (CSEs) to you, to assist with your implementation. If you’re an existing customer, we will help you migrate to a Cloud instance from your self-hosted instance.

How can I configure/manage the users, policies, or other configurations within the system?

  • You can manage all aspects of product use the same as you would with our self-hosted products. Our Customer Success team can help provide guidance on policies and other processes.

How reliable is this solution?

  • We have built a 99.99% uptime solution with dedicated downtime windows for upgrades. You can expect this solution to be highly reliable with industry-standard Service Level Agreements made for enterprise customers. We’ll be deploying in two AWS Regions: (US-East-2 (Ohio) and US-West-2 (Oregon).

Who is responsible for disaster recovery?

  • Sonatype is responsible for disaster recovery as part of provisioning a fault-tolerant and resilient environment for you. Lifecycle Cloud takes advantage of multiple backup and disaster recovery strategies to restore the environment in case of a disaster.

Does Sonatype offer Repository as a Cloud solution?

  • We do not offer Repository as a hosted Cloud solution at this time. Advise your Sonatype representative of your interest, and they will let you know when it is available.