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Accessing and Upgrading Lifecycle Cloud

Accessing Lifecycle Cloud

After purchasing a Lifecycle Cloud license, Sonatype will initialize a Lifecycle or Lifecycle+Firewall instance for you, based on the specifications discussed during the sales process. This initialization period depends on the timing to allocate the resources for your region.

You will receive an email with a URL to the browser UI when the server is ready. This URL is unique to your organization and should be treated as if it were sensitive information.

Applying your License

Like self-hosted deployments, getting started with Lifecycle Cloud requires that you upload your license file (.lic). Install your license using the browser UI when you first log in. Installing IQ Server License

Upgrading Lifecycle Cloud

As a managed solution, IQ Server is automatically updated during a maintenance window. The cloud instance is maintained at one version number behind the latest release. This brings you the most stable, feature-rich version of Lifecycle or Lifecycle+Firewall.

Your access to the instance will be temporarily disrupted during the upgrade process. This maintenance window will be announced prior to the work beginning.