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Next-Gen Firewall Features

Next-Gen Repository Firewall is our top-tier product in the Firewall product line. In addition to the Classic Firewall features, it offers enhanced capabilities designed to prevent modern software supply chain attacks and an improved Developer Experience.


Classic Firewall has entered extended maintenance and will be sunsetted in the coming months. Customers should speak with their account team to upgrade to Next-Gen Firewall.

How does the Next-Gen Firewall differ from the Classic Firewall?

Comparison between Next-Gen and Classic Repository Firewall features

Is my repository manager compatible with the Next-Gen Repository Firewall?

Next-Gen Firewall is compatible with Sonatype Nexus Repository 3 Pro and JFrog Artifactory.

How do I know if I have a Next-Gen Repository Firewall?

Licenses issued after June 1, 2021 apply to the Next-Gen Repository Firewall. Renewals are required to upgrade.

The left navigation sidebar of IQ Server has the Firewall menu option indicating that you are licensed for Next-Gen Repository Firewall.

Which features are unique to the Next-Gen Repository Firewall?