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Viewing Repository Results

When you add or delete a component to a proxy repository with Audit enabled, Nexus Repository Pro contacts IQ Server to evaluate the components. Components are checked against any associated policies. The IQ Policy Violations are summarized in the Nexus Repository Pro and detailed in IQ Server.

In Nexus Repository Pro 3, the audit results are summarized in the IQ Policy Violations column of the Repositories view.

This view is located in the Repository sub-menu of the Administration menu.


The IQ Policy Violations column includes the following items:

  • A count of components by their highest policy violation level.

  • A count of quarantined components.

  • A link to Repository Results on IQ Server.

The IQ Policy Violations column will also alert you if there are any errors in the audit and quarantine process. If there is an error a red exclamation mark will appear to the right of the Repository Results along with a description of the error. Additional information will be available in the Nexus Repository logs.


If you do not have permission to view the results summary the IQ Policy Violations column will only display Audit Enabled or Quarantine Enabled.

For more information about this permission, see Granting Privileges to View Audit and Quarantine Summary Results.

You can also access Repository Results from the Capabilities submenu on the Administration menu if you have permission to add capabilities in Nexus Repository:

  1. Navigate to the Capabilities page.

  2. Click IQ: Audit and Quarantine for a specific repository.

  3. Click View Results in the Capabilities / IQ: Audit and Quarantine status section.