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IQ Server Installation Checklist

The first step in using Sonatype Lifecycle is installing the Sonatype IQ Server. IQ Server is the software that powers Sonatype Lifecycle and Sonatype Firewall. This page covers the goals and outlines the steps to get this software running in your production environment.


Many of the steps in the checklist below are involved processes. We recommend reading through our documentation prior to beginning the step.


Your goals for this stage are:

  • Provision hardware to run Lifecycle

  • Run Lifecycle as a service

  • Install your product license

  • Connect Lifecycle to external systems

Action Items

  1. Configure External PostgreSQL Database

  2. Provision Your Environment

    • Set up Reverse Proxy (best practice)

    • System Requirements

    • Cloud Deployments - Container, Helm, Red Hat Operator

    • Disaster Recovery Information

      • Backing up the IQ Server

      • Backup and Restore Best Practices

      • IQ Server High Availability

    • Inbound Network Connection Details

    • Outbound Network Configuration

  3. Run IQ Server as a service

  4. Initializing