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IQ Server Configuration Checklist

Configure Sonatype Lifecycle user access, notification, and system maintenance.


This section assumes you've completed all previous sections.


You will need to configure the Base URL before any notification features will work.


By the end of this checklist you should have done the following:

  • Enabled notifications and ticket tracking integrations

  • Configured user access

  • Created the system maintenance and disaster recovery tasks

Action Items

  1. Enable Notifications

    • Decide on a notification strategy. Lifecycle is capable of providing information in several phases of your software development lifecycle. Choose and configure the frequency and type of notificaitons that best suit your needs.

    • Email Notifications Configuration

      • Email requires a SMTP server

    • Jira Integrations

      • Jira Cloud

      • Jira Server & Data Center

    • Source Control Configuration

    • (optional) Webhooks

  2. User Access

    • Understand the Lifecycle Permissions Model

    • LDAP Configuration

    • SAML Configuration

  3. System Maintenance


We strongly encourage you to test your backups before onboarding all applications.

If you're interested in additional assistance we offer a Lifecycle Fundamentals Workshop.