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File Configuration


IQ Server uses the system temporary directory to save details about your license file. Read more at our "License File Details in Temporary Directories" documentation.

IQ Server stores various files and data related to its operations in a work directory. By default, this data is stored in a /sonatype-work/clm-server directory in the path the server runs. The directory is configurable using the sonatypeWork field in File Configuration in config.yml.

File Configuration in config.yml

sonatypeWork: ./sonatype-work/clm-server

Changing the path here will cause IQ Server to save files and data at the new directory. It will create the directory if it does not already exist.

In order to ensure consistency across the user experience, keep path changes to a minimum.

IQ Server uses the system temporary directory during its operation. This folder varies by operating system. If a specific directory needs to be used, the IQ Server can be started with a command line flag as such:

cd /opt/nexus-iq-server
java -jar nexus-iq-server-*.jar server config.yml 2> stderr.log

Note that the user account which the server runs under must have sufficient access rights to both the work and temporary directory in order for IQ Server to function properly.