Browsing Repositories and Repository Groups

Available in Nexus Repository OSS and Nexus Repository Pro

One of the most straightforward uses of the repository manager is to browse. Browsing allows you to inspect the contents of any repository or repository group for all the supported repository formats.

Click on the Browse   button in the main toolbar to access the Browse feature. This feature allows you to select a repository or repository group to browse from the list of all repositories as displayed in Figure: “List of Repositories to Access for Component Browsing”.

Figure: List of Repositories to Access for Component Browsing

Once you click on the row for a specific repository a tree containing all assets in the repository is displayed. You can filter the tree content, expand nodes you’re interested in, and select components or assets for more detail. Nodes in the tree are sorted in case insensitive order. Versions are sorted semantically. This tree is shown in Figure: “Tree View Containing All Assets in a Repository”.

Figure: Tree View Containing All Assets in a Repository

When you select a component or asset, an information view appears on the right. This view is shown in Figure: “Information View for a Selection in the Tree View”. The information in this view is the same as the asset and component information views for search, but laid out as a series of scrolling panels instead of separate tabs. Additionally, in Nexus Repository Manager Pro there will also be a scrolling panel named Component Tags that will present tags information in the same manner as when viewing tag information in the search results view

Figure: Information View for a Selection in the Tree View