Anonymous Access

Available in Nexus Repository OSS and Nexus Repository Pro

If Anonymous Access is enabled, the user interface as well as the repositories and the contained components are available to unauthenticated users for read access. The Anonymous feature view is available via the Anonymous item in the Security section of the Administration main menu and shown in Figure: “Configuring Anonymous Access”.

The privileges available to these users are controlled by the roles assigned to the anonymous user from the NexusAuthorizingRole. By changing the privileges assigned to this user in the Users feature view.

Figure: Configuring Anonymous Access

If you want to disable unauthenticated access to the repository manager entirely, you can uncheck the Allow anonymous users to access the server checkbox. The Username and Realm controls allow you to change the details for the anonymous user. E.g. you might have a guest account defined in your LDAP system and desire to use that user and the permissions it has for anonymous access.