License Management

Available in Nexus Repository Pro only

A paid license is necessary to upgrade Nexus Repository Manager OSS to Nexus Repository Manager Pro, and to keep Nexus Repository Manager Pro paid features operational. You must be logged in as a user with nx-admin or nx-license privileges to manage licenses.

Uploading a License

The paid license is a special .lic file that you upload to the Licensing feature view, found in the Administration → System → Licensing menu. To install the license:

  • Upload the file from the Select license… button.
  • Select the correct .lic file in the file selection dialog, and press Open.
  • Click the Install license button.
  • Enter your password when the re-authentication dialog appears.
  • Click I agree to the terms stated in the End User License Agreement.
  • Click Authenticate to complete the upload.

After the file is successfully uploaded, you will receive a notification to restart the repository manager. After restart the License type, shown in the Licensing panel, will display the features associated with your license.

Monitoring Recent Connections for Product License Compliance

If you wish to approximate the number of unique users accessing repository manager, it is recommended to use a log parser on the request.log files. The IP address and autheticated user ID associated with each request will be in columns 1 and 3 of each log line respectively.

Using LDAP queries against your LDAP server is another method that can help verify the number of unique users configured to access or are potentially accessing an NXRM instance.

See our knowledge base article for more information.

Recent Connections UI 


Admin users can generate a record of users who had sessions within the last 7 days in the repository manager. In the Administration menu, go to the Licensing → Recent Connections to access the table.

The table displays the IP address (IP), last accessed date (Date), user name (User), and client (User  agent). To generate the report click Download to produce a CSV file of listed users.

When a Nexus Repository Manager Pro license expires all functionality will be disabled in the user interface, except for the ability to install a new license file. To avoid interruption of service be sure to upload a renewed license before the existing license expires. Nexus Repository Manager Pro will provide a warning when the license is within 30 days of expiry.