Supported Formats

Nexus Repository Manager (NXRM) supported formats (or languages) only vary based on version (2.x vs. 3.x). That is, format support is not affected by license (NXRM vs NXRM Pro). The chart below highlights availability across versions.

Currently, and with future long-term support, Nexus Repository Manager 2.x and 3.x can be run in parallel.

Format (Language)2.x3.x
Bower(error)(thumbs up) 3.0 and greater
Docker(error)(thumbs up) 3.0 and greater
git-lfs(error)(thumbs up) 3.3 and greater (hosted solution only)

Maven 1

(thumbs up)(error)
Maven 2(thumbs up)

(thumbs up) 3.1 and greater (Note: 3.0 missing advanced features)

npm(thumbs up)(thumbs up) 3.0 and greater, including scope support
NuGet(thumbs up)(thumbs up) 3.0 and greater
OBR(thumbs up)(error)
P2(thumbs up)(error)
PyPI(error)(thumbs up) 3.0.2 and greater
RubyGems(thumbs up)(thumbs up) 3.0.2 and greater
Site/Raw(thumbs up)(thumbs up) 3.0 and greater
Yum(thumbs up)(thumbs up) 3.11 and greater
(Note: Proxy available in 3.5 and greater, Hosted available in 3.8 and greater)