Security REST APIs

Please see the API documentation (found in the Administration section under System) of your Nexus Repository Manager instance for complete documentation about the specific endpoints available in your local server.


NEW IN RELEASE 3.17 The users REST API endpoints can be used by administrators to create and manage users and their permissions within NXRM:

  • search for users available to NXRM whether they were defined locally or from a configured authentication source such as LDAP
  • create or modify local users
  • change the roles associated with an external user
  • reset an individual user token
  • reset all user tokens in the system

User Sources

NEW IN RELEASE 3.17 This endpoint provides a list of the available users sources in the Nexus Repository Manager, these are used in other REST endpoints to indicate the source of certain types of entities, e.g. a user from an LDAP server.