REST and Integration API

Available in Nexus Repository OSS and Nexus Repository Pro


Nexus Repository Manager leverages a simple UI interface to generate the comprehensive REST documentation from the available endpoints.  The REST API can be used to integrate the repository manager with external systems.  The interface is fully interactive, where parameters can be filled out and REST calls made directly through the UI to see the results in the browser. 

As of NXRM 3.6.1this interface is available under the API item via the System sub menu of the Administration menu.  

For older versions of NXRM (3.3.0 through 3.6.0), use the following:


A comprehensive listing of REST API endpoints and functionality is documented through the UI.  The following highlights noteworthy functionality:

  • Search - component search functionality
  • Assets - direct access the assets/binaries and associated metadata in a repository
  • Components - direct access to language native logical grouping of files in a repository, e.g., maven2 groupId, artifactId, version
  • Script - for provisioning and other complex tasks
  • Tasks - available administrative tasks for the repository manager

Topics in this section: