Release Notes

We're always improving Nexus Repository Manager 3 products and features based on customer feedback. We make a lot of enhancements regularly, and here you will find the key features we've completed, versioned release notes, and what we're working on next.

Known Security Issue

Versions of NXRM3 up to and including 3.18.1 are vulnerable to a critical security vulnerability. Sonatype recommends an immediate upgrade of NXRM instances. For details, please see CVE-2019-16530.

Key Features

 Yum Proxy Repositories

You can now define Yum proxy repositories with Nexus Repository Manager 3. We plan to enhance hosted and group repository support for this new format in the future. Though out intention is to build Yum support to be platform independent so that it will have its standalone dependencies on the external createrepo program.

Upgrading Yum proxy repositories from Nexus Repository Manager 2 to Nexus Repository Manager 3 is currently not supported.

 Upgrading Repository Manager 2 to 3

If you’re upgrading from Repository Manager 2.x, you must first upgrade your installation to 2.14.5. See the upgrade compatibility matrix for more information.

 Repository Health Check 2.0

As of 3.3 made a significant improvements to how Repository Health Check (RHC) works. With a new interface and expanded intelligence RHC 2.0 puts more emphasis with remediation, and prioritizes unhealthy components by its severity and impact of vulnerability. You can read the brief tutorial on our blog. In addition to that, we encourage you to watch this overview on the new, more robust Repository Health Check.