Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.62.0 Release Notes

Highlights in This Release 

Pro Deployments using PostgreSQL Can Download Cleanup Preview CSVs

Administrators on Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro deployments using PostgreSQL databases can now download a CSV report showing what a selected cleanup policy would remove if it were run as currently configured. Read more below

Combined High Availability Helm Chart for AWS, Azure, and On-Premises HA Deployments

Our previously separate AWS and Azure High Availability (HA) Helm charts are no longer available. Instead, we created a Helm chart that supports HA Sonatype Nexus Repository deployments in AWS, Azure, or on-premises. Read more below

Deployment Pattern Library

With this release, we are publishing a new library of deployment patterns specifically designed to address three primary concerns: resiliency, scalability, and distribution. Read more below

What's New in This Release? 

New Cleanup Preview Experience for Pro Customers Using PostgreSQL PRO 

To help you fine-tune cleanup policies and ensure that you do not unexpectedly remove important components, we've enhanced the cleanup preview experience for Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro deployments using a PostgreSQL database.

Admin users are now able to download a CSV report showing what a selected cleanup policy would remove if it were run as currently configured. The exported CSV lists component namespaces, names, versions, and paths.

Deployments using H2 or OrientDB will still see the old cleanup preview option. Check out our cleanup policy help documentation for full details on using this feature.

This feature was made possible because of your feedback in the Ideas Portal.

Cleanup Preview CSV Performance 

To help you better plan how and when to use the new cleanup preview feature, we are also providing performance information. Cleanup preview CSV performance data is available in our cleanup policy help documentation and also shown below:

Generating a Cleanup Preview CSV can take some time depending on deployment size and configuration.

The table below provides a rough estimate of how long generating a CSV might take based on our internal testing using the following specifications:

  • Deployed on AWS using the following:
    • ECS c6i.4xlarge
    • Aurora PostgreSQL db.r6g.large
  • Both deployed in the same Availability Zone
  • Hosted repository type
  • Raw format

Components in Repository

Time to Generate CSV Report

















New Combined Helm Chart for AWS, Azure, or On-Premises High Availability Deployments PRO 

We continue to make improvements to help make it easier for you to deploy Sonatype Nexus Repository in an HA environment. With this release, we introduce two big changes: 

HA Helm Charts Consolidated 

We previously had separate Helm charts for Azure and AWS HA deployments. We have now consolidated all of our HA Helm charts into one, which you can find in our Sonatype Nexus Repository HA Helm chart Git repository. We have also updated our Azure HA deployment documentation and AWS HA deployment documentation with appropriate modifications for the new Helm chart.

If you were previously using one of the individual Azure or AWS HA helm charts, you can find simple instructions on how to move to our new combined Helm chart in our help documentation for upgrading in an HA environment. Note that you will need to customize a new values.yaml with appropriate information for your deployment; you will not be able to use the same custom values.yaml that you used with the individual AWS/Azure Helm charts.

This feature was made possible because of your feedback in the Ideas Portal.

HA Helm Chart Supports On-Premises Deployment 

Our new HA Helm chart can also be used for on-premises HA deployments. This is the same Helm chart available in the Sonatype Nexus Repository HA Helm chart Git repository. We have updated our on-premises HA deployment documentation to reflect the new deployment option.

This feature was made possible because of your feedback in the Ideas Portal.

Azure HA Performance Data PRO 

To help you prepare for and plan your HA deployment, we are providing findings from our internal performance testing using an Azure environment. You can find full details in our HA Azure performance help documentation.

We previously provided similar test findings for HA AWS deployments, so be sure to check those out as well if you haven't already!

Support Zip Improvements for HA Deployments PRO

To make it easier for you to generate and download support zips, we've added some improvements to our Support Zip generation screen for HA deployments.

HA deployments will now see a button that allows you to configure your support zip options once but generate support zips for all nodes.

The download link for a node's latest support zip also remains available even if you navigate away from and back to the Support Zip page.

See our Support Features documentation for full details.

Expanded Audit Logging 

To improve supportibility and help troubleshoot any issues that you may experience, we've expanded our audit logging.

The audit log now includes records for "Clear Cache" and "Change (server) order" LDAP events; this is available for all databases.

For H2 and PostgreSQL deployments, we've also added logging for when you create, update, or delete a routing rule

See our auditing documentation for details about audit logs.

Deployment Pattern Library 

We recognize that Sonatype Nexus Repository customers face an ever-growing need to balance availability with infrastructure costs while also providing functionality for teams across the globe. 

With this release, we are publishing a new library of deployment patterns specifically designed to address three primary concerns: resiliency, scalability, and distribution.

The patterns in this library represent proven ways of deploying Sonatype Nexus Repository and can also be combined to meet multiple needs. You can use these patterns to help you plan a Sonatype Nexus Repository deployment that will meet your individual organization's needs.

Check out our new deployment pattern library in our help documentation. Specific patterns include the following:

Notable Dependency Changes

This release includes updates to the following dependencies:

  • Upgraded Jetty from version 9.4.51.v20230217 to version 9.4.53.v20231009
  • Upgraded goodies from version 2.3.5 to version 2.3.6
  • Upgraded eclipse-sisu from version 0.3.4 to version 0.3.5
  • Upgraded guice from version 5.0.1 to version 6.0.0

HA-C Now in Extended Maintenance 

In mid-October, we announced that our legacy HA solution High Availability-Clustering (HA-C) is now in extended maintenance and will be officially sunset in April 2024. Information can be found in our Sonatype Nexus Repository 3 Feature Status help page.

Full details about our sunsetting process are also available in the Sonatype Sunsetting Information section.

Bug Fixes

Ticket NumberDescription


Fixed a display issue that was causing tag associations to be missing from on raw components after migration to PostgreSQL. Note: this was a display issue only and did not result in any missing data.


Fixed an issue that existed in version 3.61.0 that was preventing startup when .bak files existed under restore-from-backup.


Resolved an issue in 3.61.0 where duplicate user tokens were breaking upgrades. Upgrades now succeed and will detect duplicate rows and produce a log warning.


Docker Group repositories return the correct error if someone attempts to use a username/password when the Protect Content feature is enabled in the User Token capability.


User tokens work as expected with Conan repositories.


Created an advanced option for Sonatype Nexus Repository Pro customers to clean up identical Docker image layers across repositories. See our Support knowledgebase article for full details.


Made changes to reduce the number of queries performed when running Nuget V2 FindPackagesById in PostgreSQL environments.


Resolved an important database migrator issue that could cause components and assets to be migrated in the wrong order.


Resolved a concurrency issue that was ocurring when running Staging move and Cleanup unused assets task at the same time.


The database migrator --healthcheck option now also checks the configuration database for corruptions in config classes.


Repository configuration changes that occur while a search reindex task is running cause a lock exception after waiting for 60 seconds; however, the repository now stays in a stable state. A subsequent try to save the config change now works as expected once the long-running task is complete.


Running the DeadBlobsFinder groovy script against a large database no longer causes out of memory errors.


The last-modified date for hosted yum repositories now matches the metadata rebuild date after migrating from OrientDB to H2.


Made changes to address multiple issues that were causing build failures due to failing to return maven-metadata.xml from a group repository.