Sonatype Nexus Repository 3.52.0 Release Notes

Highlights in This Release 

Bug Fixes

This release includes a number of bug fixes to improve Sonatype Nexus Repository quality. Read more below

What's New and Noteworthy in This Release? 

See the complete release notes for everything included in this release.


You may notice our logo looks a little different in this release. Stay tuned for full details later this month!

Bug Fixes 

This release focuses on providing bug fixes to improve Sonatype Nexus Repository quality. See the Bug Fixes section.

Bug Fixes 

Ticket NumberDescription


Input fields in the SAML UI now trim whitespaces from submitted values.

NEXUS-27453The input field for the anonymous User ID now trims whitespaces from submitted values.
NEXUS-33918Deleting tags via the REST API UI now returns expected response codes.
NEXUS-34185Time and timezone details for when an asset was last downloaded now properly display in the browse UI.

Deleting a specified image tag no longer deletes tags in other images.

NEXUS-34611Executing the user-token-reset API now returns the appropriate response in the UI.
NEXUS-36480Improved logging for Docker.GC task in cases where docker_assets.attributes database field is empty for a Given Docker asset.
NEXUS-37491Improved performance for PyPI simple index page requests.