Anonymous Access

Available in Nexus Repository OSS and Nexus Repository Pro

When anonymous access is enabled, any user accessing the UI or attempting to download components will be granted the permissions of the configured anonymous user. By default the anonymous user will allow read access to all repository content (via an external tool, the Search UI, or the Browse UI). This can be further configured via the Anonymous Access feature, available via the Anonymous Access item in the Security section of the Administration main menu.

If you want to disable unauthenticated access to the repository manager entirely, you can uncheck the Allow anonymous users to access the server checkbox. The Username and Realm controls allow you to change the details for the anonymous user. E.g. you might have a guest account defined in your LDAP system and desire to use that user and the permissions it has for anonymous access.

The format realms such as Docker Bearer Token Realm are not meant for assignment to anonymous and may cause your anonymous user not to function.

It is also possible to adjust the roles given to the default anonymous user as described in Roles. It is not possible to adjust the default anonymous role, so you either must add on to the anonymous user or create a new role and replace the default one.

Access to this page is available, with several other pages, using the nx-settings-all privilege.