Change repository blob store

Due to multiple known issues that could result in data loss, we have disabled any pre-existing Admin - Change repository blob store tasks as well as disabled the ability to create new ones as of release 3.45.0. We highly discourage you from using this task in earlier Nexus Repository releases where it is not disabled.

Available in Nexus Repository Manager Pro only

The Admin - Change repository blob store task will move all the content from a selected repository to another blob store.


Create a new Admin - Change repository blob store task and you will be presented with the configuration options listed below:

A number of these fields are common to all tasks, so we won't go into details here, but this task specific fields are as follows:

Repository - The repository whose blob store we want to change. This list will only be popluated with Hosted repositories.

Destination blob store - The blob store we want the repository content to be in.

Task frequency - For this particular task only Manual and Once are available.


The task can be configured to run manually or once. When the task runs it will move all the repository content from its current blob store to the destination blob store, as soon as the task starts the repository configuration is changed so that all new writes go to the destination blob store. As the change blob store is running every moved blob will be logged to a task log (a new task log is created each time a task runs), along with any errors that may have occurred.

Usage Considerations

  1. When the Admin - Change repository blob store task is running, the options to delete or promote blob store will not be available for the target blob store and the destination blob store to avoid data corruption. These options will become available again when the task completes.
  2. If a revert is necessary you can change the task config (or delete the task and add a new one) that is pointing at the original source blobstore.