Available in Nexus Repository OSS and Nexus Repository Pro


From the Nodes screen (in the Administration menu under System) you can protect your server’s database from write access by activating read-only mode. This allows you to avoid modifications to your server configuration and blob stores when performing system maintenance. To enable it:

  1. Click Nodes, under System in the Administration menu
  2. Click Enable read-only mode

Anything that would require a change to a database will fail during read-only mode.

The button becomes Disable read-only mode when enabled. A banner appears above the main toolbar, notifying you that read-only mode is activated. 

Disabling read-only mode, by clicking the Disable read-only mode button returns the server to its original, writable state.

Additionally in PRO High Availability Clustering (Legacy) mode, the Nodes screen also provides a summary of all active nodes. The screen keeps a record of all running nodes that you manage in table form, as shown:

When you click a row, you get a detailed summary of the chosen node.

The summary lists:

  • Node Identity, a unique ID accessible via the System Information
  • Socket Address, the address corresponding to the server

When running in HA-C mode the Nodes screen displays all synchronized nodes in the table.  View the table to monitor and verify server connections.