As Nexus Repository is a complex system with a large number of features, there are some features which don't have a dedicated always visible UI element to configure them. These features can be configured through the Capabilities entry found in Administration under System.

Permissions to access this entry can be granted using the nx-capabilities privilege.

Figure: List of existing capabilities

The list of existing capabilities can be filtered with the search input box in the header of the list and sorted by the different columns by pressing a column header. The list uses the following columns:


The State column does not have a title. Enabled capabilities have a green checkmark added on top of a blue icon. Disabled capabilities use a greyed out icon.


The Type column provides the specific type of a capability in the list.


The Category is optional and details the wider context the capability belongs to.


The Description column contains further descriptive information about the capability.


The Notes column can contain user created text about the capability.