Administration Menu

The Administration menu, located on the left panel, contains the following sections:


The Repository section allows you to manage all Repositories and related configurations such as Routing and Targets.

IQ Server

The IQ Server item (visible to users with nx-all or nx-settings privileges) allows you to configure the connection of Nexus Repository to Nexus IQ Server. Further documentation is available in the Nexus IQ Server documentation.

If you desire to utilize Nexus Firewall to quarantine and block unacceptable components that may harm your repository manager, review the quick start guide.


This section provides access to all the configuration features related to authentication and authorization of users including PrivilegesRolesUsers, but also LDAPAtlassian Crowd (Pro only), SSL Certificates and User Token (Pro only).


Access a number of features that allow you to administer and monitor your repository manager successfully like Logging and System Information.


The general configuration for getting started and running the repository manager with e.g. HTTP or Email Server settings but also Capabilities and Tasks to run regularly and other configurations.