Nexus Repository OSS is distributed with Sencha Ext JS pursuant to a FLOSS Exception agreed upon between Sonatype, Inc. and Sencha Inc. Sencha Ext JS is licensed under GPL v3 and cannot be redistributed as part of a closed source work.

Distributions for Nexus Repository Manager 3 are available here for the 64-bit versions for Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows and Unix/Linux. They contain all necessary resources to install and run the repository manager.

The download is used for both Nexus Repository Manager PRO and Nexus Repository Manager OSS. See License Management for information on getting your OSS version to PRO with your professional license.

In the table that follows, you can download the most recent version of Nexus Repository Manager for your respective operating system. While we recommend the latest, the download archive also contains older versions should you need.

After the download is complete, consult Installation and System Requirements for further information about installation and necessary setup you may need. If you are upgrading an existing Nexus Repository Manager 3 instance, see Upgrading. If you are upgrading from Nexus Repository Manager 2 to Nexus Repository Manager 3, see the 2.x to 3.y subsection and further subpages in the Upgrading from Nexus Repository Manager 2 section.