Repository Manager 3

Welcome to the Help Portal for Nexus Repository Manager (NXRM) 3.

If you are developing software without a repository manager, you are likely missing a number of opportunities to reduce some pretty obvious inefficiencies. If everyone on your team has to hit public repositories like the Central Repository to download components, you are missing out on some simple gains in speed and efficiency. If you don't have a local place to deploy components you are forced to share binary components using half-measures and compromises such as storing binaries in source control. Stop developing in the Dark Ages, read this guide, and start using a repository manager. Trust us, once you start using a Nexus Repository Manager, you'll wonder how you ever functioned without it.

For those new to Repository Manager, we've collected a number of topics perfect for getting introduced quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can always check out a variety of additional content available via Sonatype Learning.

All pages across this space reflect the latest version of NXRM3 except where mentioned. You can get the latest NXRM3 via the Download page. If you have an older version, some of the details herein may not be accurate for you.

Notably the documentation utilizes markup to tell when new features are introduced and if specific parts of features are PRO (licensed) only.  These will look like this:

NEW IN 3.##

However, this markup may not be present on features that are older than a year.

We always encourage upgrading to receive the latest features and bug fixes!




Repository Formats

Scripting and Development

To learn more about Nexus solutions and licenses, see the knowledge base article Sonatype Product and Solutions Overview or contact