Release Notes

We're always improving Nexus Repository Manager products and features. We make frequent enhancements and below you will find the main features we've completed with versioned release notes. 

Additionally, with on-going improvements to the Upgrading tool, further enhancements for Nexus Repository Manager 2 will be focused on compatibility for Nexus Repository Manager 3.

Upgrade Compatibility

 Firewall Upgrade

As of 2.14.5 and 3.5.0, Nexus Repository Manager now supports audit- and quarantine-enabled repositories (Firewall) during an upgrade between versions. This new roll-out also includes upgrade support for cloning violation histories within IQ Server.

Watch the demo here:

 Version 2.x to Version 3.x Upgrades

Nexus 2.14.5 is upgrade compatible with the Nexus 3.5.0 release. You can review this matrix for an overview of 2.x to 3.x version compatibility.

 Repository Formats - npm

Since the release of Repository Manager 2.14.4 , you can group and deploy related npm packages with scoped support. Of course, all scoped npm packages are now upgradable in versions as recent as 2.14.4 and higher to 3.4.0 and higher.