There are two distributions of the Nexus Repository Manager: Nexus Repository Manager OSS and Nexus Repository Manager Pro. Nexus Repository Manager OSS is a fully-featured repository manager which can be freely used, customized, and distributed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL Version 1). Nexus Repository Manager Pro is a distribution with features that are relevant to large enterprises and organizations which require complex procurement and staging workflows in addition to more advanced LDAP integration, Atlassian Crowd support, and other development infrastructure.

Downloading Nexus Repository Manager OSS

To download the latest Nexus Repository Manager OSS distribution, go to Sonatype’s OSS download page and choose the compressed bundle file that suits your need from the Nexus Repository Manager OSS 2.x section. A download will begin to the latest version.

Older versions can be found here if needed.

Downloading Nexus Repository Manager Pro

Nexus Repository Manager Pro can be downloaded as zip or tar.gz archive from the download page.