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  • custom branding
  • virtual repositories
  • repositories with audit/quarantine enabled
  • Java VM settings, including custom system properties or variables
  • operating system nexus service scripts
  • operating system optimization, such as increasing allowable open file handles
  • environment variables affecting values used to control the repository manager
  • third-party or custom-developed plugins
  • Jetty server XML configuration files
  • unimplemented repository formats
  • manual edits to other files under the nexus installation directory, such as edits to nexus/WEB-INF/classes/ehcache.xml
  • custom log levels or edits to logback.xml configuration files (e.g. custom log file rotation, file naming, log patterns)
  • the admin user password from NXRM2

There are equivalent configurations possible for all these values and customization in Nexus Repository Manager 3. The specifics vary widely and have to be applied manually after determining the need for such customization and developing specific plans for the modifications. The scope of these modifications varies from zero to large efforts. E.g. some VM start-up parameters might not be appropriate any more due to optimized performance of version 3. On the other hand custom plugin features might now be a standard supported features or require a completely new development effort.